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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of map data will Overture release?

Overture map data will evolve over time. Initially, we’ll release basic layers including building, road, and administrative information. To support next-generation map products, Overture will steadily improve the coverage, resolution and accuracy of existing data, as well as introduce new layers such as places, routing or 3D building data.

How can I contribute to Overture data?

Consider joining Overture as a member. We have four tiers of membership that are aimed at any size company, non-profit, government agency or other organization. As a member, you can help define the direction of the project and contribute your data directly to Overture. Look here for more information on membership.

You can also email us at if you’re interested in contributing open data, or if you have questions or concerns.

What is the relationship between Overture and OpenStreetMap?

Overture is a data-centric map project, not a community of individual map editors. Therefore, Overture is intended to be complementary to OSM. We combine OSM with other sources to produce new open map data sets. Overture data will be available for use by the OpenStreetMap community under compatible open data licenses. Overture members are encouraged to contribute to OSM directly.

How will Overture data be licensed?

Data contributed to ODbL licensed datasets will be contributed under both the ODbL and CDLA permissive v2. Contributions to CDLA permissive v2 datasets will be contributed under the CDLA permissive v2.

How will Overture code be licensed?

Overture’s open source code will be subject to the MIT license.

When will Overture begin releasing datasets?

Overture will release its first datasets in the first half of 2023. We’re working through our plans and will share more details as soon as we’re ready.

Will Overture release open source code?

Overture will develop open source code to help developers process and effectively use Overture map data and the global entity reference system. Code will be available on GitHub.

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