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Powering current and next-generation map products by creating reliable, easy-to-use, and interoperable open map data

Who is Overture for?

Overture is for developers who build map services or use geospatial data.

Why Overture?

Collaborative Map Building

Sourcing and curating high-quality, up-to-date, and comprehensive map data from disparate sources is difficult and expensive.

Overture aims to incorporate map data from multiple sources including Overture Members, civic organizations, and open data sources.

Global Entity Reference System

Multiple datasets reference the same real-world entities using their own conventions and vocabulary, making them difficult to merge and combine.

Overture Maps will simplify interoperability by providing a system that links entities from different data sets to the same real-world entities.

Quality Assurance Processes

Map data is vulnerable to errors and inconsistencies.

Overture Maps data will undergo validation checks to detect map errors, breakage, and vandalism to help ensure that map data can be used in production systems.

Structured Data Schema

Open map data can lack the structure needed to easily build map products.

Overture will define and drive adoption of a common, well-structured, and documented data schema to create an easy-to-use ecosystem of map data.

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