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Download Overture Maps Data

Latest Release

Overture 2023-11-14-alpha.0 is now available. This is an incremental release that includes several improvements to the data quality and coverage as well as updates for data currency. More information about these additions is available in the relevant sections below. 

This data is formatted in the Overture Data Schema unless otherwise noted. 

This data is available for use under the designated licenses for each theme. While Overture intends to release open map data on a regular cadence in the future, the date of subsequent releases has not yet been established.

We would like feedback on the data, its usefulness, and how it could be improved. Please use this Github repo for discussions and feedback related to this data release.

Accessing the Data

Overture Overture 2023-11-14-alpha.0 is available in cloud-native GeoParquet and stored on AWS and Azure. Users can select the data of interest and download it by following the process outlined here.

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