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Latest Release

Overture 2023-04-02-alpha is a pre-release version of open map data intended primarily to demonstrate the potential and possibilities for open map data that the Overture Maps Foundation intends to pursue. It is primarily for demonstration and not as a production release. 

This release is built on the Daylight Map, a distribution of OpenStreetMap that builds an OSM planet file that is quality checked for errors and vandalism. Daylight also provides additional name translations, building footprints, and other data not in OpenStreetMap in the form of “sidecar” files which add data coverage or other improvements.



All data included in Overture 2023-04-02-alpha that is licensed under ODbL (including OpenStreetMap data) or derived from ODbL data that constitutes a “Derivative Database” (as defined under ODbL v1.0), is licensed under ODbL v1.0. 

Data from sidecar files which was not previously licensed under ODbL is licensed under CDLA Permissive 2.0.

The geojson files which contain buildings only are  licensed under ODbL v1.0.


Overture 2023-04-02-alpha makes substantial improvements over Daylight in several ways.

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Download the dataset

Overture 2023-04-02-alpha (89 GB) is available from both AWS and Azure at the links below

The links below allow the download of line-delimited geojson files of the buildings-only data for each area. This data is licensed under ODbL v1.0:

For each region we extracted:

  • Polygon ways with tags building != ’no’ or building:part != ‘no’
  • Multipolygon relations with building != ‘no’

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