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Latest Release

Overture 2024-04-16-beta.0 is now available. Here are the highlights for what’s new and updated in this release. The “beta” designation indicates the data and schema are largely stable.

We encourage developers wishing to adopt Overture Maps base layers to begin evaluating and providing feedback on the data, schema, and GERS IDs. Depending on the feedback from this release and subsequent releases, we anticipate moving to a production release in the next few months.

Breaking changes

We renamed the bbox column fields to align with the upcoming GeoParquet 1.1 spec.

minx → xmin
miny → ymin
maxx → xmax
maxy → ymax

The fields are all now Parquet Float (32-bit) whereas they had previously been distributed as Double (64-bit).


In this release, we implemented the schema for a refactor of the admins theme called divisions. The divisions data will be available in our May release. After that, the two themes will coexist for two additional releases (June and July), at which point divisions will fully replace admins. More information on why we made this change here.

Accessing the Data

Overture 2024-04-16-beta.0 is available in GeoParquet and stored on AWS and Azure. Users can select the data of interest and download it by following the process outlined here.

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