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Who We Are

Developers and map creators face significant challenges today. There’s the complex and costly task of collecting and updating high-quality data from various sources. Many datasets, even when describing the same real-world entities, use different conventions and terms, creating integration issues. Additionally, open map data can have errors and might not have a useful structure for commercial applications. The purpose of the Overture Maps Foundation (Overture) is to address these challenges.

Founded in 2022 under the Joint Development Foundation, Overture is dedicated to the development of reliable, easy-to-use, and interoperable open map data that will power current and next-generation map products. We build this data through a collaborative process that combines technology, data, and support from a wide range of companies.

We needed to build a bigger community to bring together technology, engineering skills, and data. Our aim at Overture is straightforward: Elevate the realm of open map data to power current and next-generation map products. With the collective insights of our expanding community, it’s not just about amassing datasets. Instead, it’s a conscious effort to lay the groundwork for a future where map data remains current and interoperable, serving a wide range of applications. Overture is about harnessing available high-quality data sources and building bridges of cooperation. It’s a journey, and every step, every release, every partnership counts.

Marc PrioleauExecutive Director of Overture Maps Foundation

Our mission

At Overture, our mission is to build reliable, easy-to-use, and interoperable open map data. We believe in harnessing the collective intelligence and resources of communities, organizations, and governments worldwide and aim to support a multitude of applications that drive innovation, enhance connectivity, and shape the future of our digital world.

We envision a world where the best maps are not proprietary assets but shared, open resources, built and enriched by the very people who rely on them.


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