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Marc Prioleau | Jan 24, 2024

Looking Forward to 2024

Last December, Overture Maps celebrated its one-year anniversary of this announcement:  It's been a year since AWS, Meta, Microsoft, and TomTom launched the Overture Maps Foundation. We started with the idea to create reliable, easy-to-use, and interoperable open map data as a shared asset that any map service provider or…

Overture Maps | Dec 14, 2023

Overture Buildings Theme Hits 2.3B Buildings With Addition of Google Open Buildings Data

We are excited to continue growing our Buildings dataset in Overture’s latest release (Overture 2023-12-14-alpha.0). This release includes over 2.3B buildings, up from 1.4B last month, thanks to the addition of the Google Open Buildings data set. Google Open Buildings consists of 2D building footprints derived from high-resolution satellite imagery…

Overture Maps | Nov 9, 2023

How TomTom turns open data into the Overture transportation layer: Road Sectioning

The content of this piece first appeared on TomTom's Behind the Map Blog, and we are thankful for the opportunity to share it here with their consent. Full acknowledgment goes to Matthew Beedham for authoring the original work. Additional credit goes to Pascal Clarysse and Siavash Shakeri. To explore the…

Overture Maps | Oct 19, 2023

Enriching Overture Maps Data with GERS

This article was originally published on Esri's ArcGIS Blog. We're grateful for the permission to cross-post it on our platform. All credit to the original author Deane Kensok - ArcGIS Content CTO and publisher. Read the original article here. This week, Overture Maps released its second version of open map…

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