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We need your feedback

Today, we announced the beta release of our global open map dataset, and we are excited to share it with the mapping community. Our data and schema are in good shape, but we’re not done yet. We need your help to make them even better. 

We invite you to explore our data and the schema and share your feedback with us. To guide your responses, we’ve created specific questions about each of the Overture data themes and set up targeted categories on our Data Discussions board.

Base: Overture base layer data consists of global coverage from OSM for land and water features. These are the datasets that are necessary to render a complete basemap. Do you see any critical gaps or omissions in the base theme? 

Buildings: How does the integration of multiple data sources (OSM, Esri, Microsoft, Google) impact your use case? For example, some regions may have a mix of all four sources of data. Does this introduce any usability challenges in your workflow? Does mixing OSM and ML-derived building data cause any significant quality issues?  

Places: Tell us about your experience using Overture places data for local search functions. Are you able to easily and quickly find a place by name (e.g. “La Vita e Bella Pizzeria”) or find places in a particular category (e.g. restaurants near me)? We’d also like to know about any incorrect data you see. This might include invalid/non-existent places, places that are out of business, or places that are incorrectly positioned. We are particularly interested in records with high confidence scores that appear to be incorrect.

Transportation: Tell us about your experience using Overture transportation data for routing. More specifically, we’re interested in how you’re using the linear referencing system, turn restrictions, and access restrictions.

See the Overture 2024-04-16-beta.0 Release Notes here

This beta release is another important step on our journey. We wouldn’t be here without the support and contributions from the Overture Maps community, and your feedback is crucial as we move toward a production-ready release.